Lace, leather and leopard: these are a few of my favorite things

February 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Everyone has a few go-to styles in their closet, whether it be a great fitting dress, or a pair of really comfy leggings. For me, my wardrobe go-tos aren’t specific pieces, they’re specific fabrics. Lace, leather and leopard print abound in my closet and every time I go shopping I find myself drawn to more lace dresses, faux-leather skirts or leopard print accents. I just can’t help myself.

So much leopard, so little time

Yes, I love leopard. No I am not on the Jersey Shore nor am I an aging trophy wife. I just think it’s a great print that when done correctly, and sparingly, can add something really special to an outfit. You will never catch me in a skintight, halter top, micromini dress covered in leopard print. Instead, I choose to use the print in accent pieces or paired with neutrals. I know leopard has a reputation for tackiness, but I see through that and embrace it’s outfit saving potential.

It's not real leather, but it's still tough-chic

I love that leather can be paired with really feminine pieces, like floral dresses, to add a little toughness to them, or used as the statement of an outfit to put out a powerful, confident vibe. I love leather that has an unexpected softness to it, like a camel colored leather blazer, or a black flouncy leather skirt. Leather is such a versatile fabric, especially when it’s faux leather and totally affordable.

Multicolored lace is definitely my weakness

Lace has been one of my favorite things for quite a long time. It can be so girly and frilly, but I like to find lace garments that have an unexpected edge to them, like a neon yellow lace midi-length skirt, or an ice-blue lace body-con dress. Lace doesn’t have to be reminiscent of a tablecloth, when done in eye-catching colors and interesting cuts, lace pieces are unapologetically fashion forward.

With my eye constantly being drawn to my favorite fabrics, I started thinking about how I could take those styles and use them outside of my wardrobe. Why not take my wardrobe staples and use them to decorate with? It is definitely attainable and something I hope to do in my own house soon. For now though, I’m left lusting after more lace, leather and leopard, both for my wardrobe and my home.

My favorite things wishlist:

1. Rectangular Leopard Print Pillow: $41.54


2. Leopard Print Room Size Rug: $199.99

3. Handmade Leopard Coasters: $12.50

4. Embroidered leather pillows: $210.00


5. Morrocan Leather White Ottoman: $195.00

6. Leather bench/trunk with lid: $165.07

7. Lace Wood Letter: $6.00

8. Lacy bird bowl: $22.00

9. Modern Lace Coverlet: $499.99

What favorite things would you like to take design inspiration from? Do you have a favorite fabric for your home and your wardrobe? Let me know in a comment below!






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