If you can’t wear it, decorate with it

January 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Ahh the unattainable fashion dream: having enough money and gumption to not only afford, but actually pull off a look straight from the runway. Designers effortlessly put together different fabrics, textures and colors in one outfit that inevitably looks amazing on an unbelievably tall and thin model.

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Take this look from the Alice + Olivia Fall 2011 show for example, the combination of a bright orange tweed-inspired fabric, sequins and faux fur looks smashing on a beautiful glamazon, but the outfit isn’t exactly practical for trekking through wind and snow across our brick covered campus. It is however, a beautiful display of the way colors and textures can be used in new, exciting ways.

And while right now I can only dream of being able to afford this eye-catching designer look, it can serve as the perfect inspiration for a fun new approach to interior design. Whether you live in a small, single dorm room or share a house or apartment with a group of friends, taking cues from fashion can open up a whole slew of opportunities for innovative home décor.

Translating this look from something you would wear out on the town to something that can decorate an entire room, lies in the use of color and texture.

Oranges, reds and yellows are rarely combined with dark gray, but doing so creates an aesthetically pleasing and surprising palate. Adding sequins and faux fur into the mix really ties the room together (yes, Big Lebowski reference intended).

If you can't wear it, decorate with it

Adding a few key pieces to any room inspired by a high fashion outfit can take your home straight to the best dressed list. Pretty soon, your outfits won’t be the only thing getting fashion compliments.

Don’t be afraid to dress up your home decor.



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