Accessorize more than your outfit

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Accessories are the easiest way to take a simple outfit from drab to fab. Throwing on an armful of bracelets a la The Man Repeller, or a n eye-catching collar necklace add interest and aesthetic appeal to any look. I have always loved accessories for their ability to transform outfits. I have jewelry that I wear every single day, like my four sterling silver rings and my Michael Kors watch, and I have accessories that I love to employ to make my outfits extra special, like waist cinching belts, printed scarves and statement jewelry.

Just a few of my favorite "everyday" accessories

Just as accessories can add that extra something special to any outfit, they can do the same thing for any room in your house. And while the accessories you can use in your abode may not be the rhinestoned jewelry, fringed scarves or structured belts that you’re used to, they can be just as effective at adding interest to your home’s interior.


Wallpaper is no longer reserved for the bedroom’s of babies and grandmas, wallpaper with punchy patterns and cool color combinations are the perfect way to add an instant statement wall to your sleeping sanctuary.


1. Livenza Aqua from the Designers Guild

2. Volte-Face Wallpaper from Fabrics and Papers

3. Cabriole Camellia from the Designers Guild

4. Marrakesh Honey Wallpaper from Urban Outfitters

5. Poppy Wallpaper from Urban Outfitters


Kitchen’s are often overlooked when thinking of interior design; though many people do dream of gourmet kitchens, they forget about the easy updates that accessories can add in the meantime. One of the quickest ways to add appeal to a kitchen is to insert some graphic kitchen jewelry, like teapots and canisters, which are both functional and decorative.


1. London Pottery Company Red and White Spot Teapot from John Lewis

2. Missoni Bianco Nero Teapot from Bloomingdale’s

3. Black and White canister set from

4. Sorrento set of canisters from Amazon

Living Room

Living rooms open themselves up to a wide array of accessory opportunities; candles, throw pillows, book ends, lamps, rugs and artwork all come into play when decorating living rooms. Looking for pieces that are colorful or utilize interesting textures and finishes can keep living rooms from being run of the mill and too simple.

1. Gold Candles from Crate & Barrel

2. Bird and Twig Bookend Pair from Amazon

3. Girad Pillows in Taupe from Design Within Reach

4. Espana Area Rug from Home Decorators Collection

5. Carrie Table Lamp from John Lewis

6. Brooklyn Bridge Artwork from Bloomingdale’s

Dorm Room

Even if you don’t have a place of your own yet, you can still accessorize your temporary room. Removable wall decals are a great way to personalize any utilitarian dorm room. You can choose a pattern or icon that is indicative of your personality and move it around your room anytime you want a change. Sets of picture frames are another great way to add some personal touches to any dorm room, with countless styles and sizes, frames are one of the best quick fix accessories.


1. Fedha Frame Set from Uttermost

2. 7 Opening Birds Picture Frame from Target

3. Tree Branches Peel and Stick Wall Decal from Amazon

4. Eiffel Tower Wall Sticker from Amazon

5. Birds and Blossoms Vinyl Wall Decal from Amazon


So whether you’re looking to totally spruce up your space or just add a couple of new elements to a room, make sure you don’t forget the accessories. Taking the time to complete your room’s decor down to the smallest details ensures that your room will have the visual flair your looking for.

Keep living the fashionable life in your fashionable home!




Borrowed from the Boys

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There’s just something about the menswear trend that I absolutely love. When I first watched Annie Hall as a child, seeing Diane Keaton look so beautiful while decked out in vests, trousers, blouses and ties instantly intrigued me. The idea that someone could look so feminine without wearing a floral dress has always been appealing to me. And just as girls can steal wardrobe inspiration from essential menswear pieces, it’s easy to steal decorating ideas from the boys too.

I love the emphasis that menswear puts on classic structures and strong textiles. I even wrote a story about the menswear for women trend in the October issue of Thread (everybody loves shameless self promotion, right?)

An iconic look from Annie Hall. Photo credit

A well-tailored suit is the easiest way to look sharp, whether you are a male or female, so why let your wardrobe have all the menswear fun? The same principles that define the menswear trend can easily be applied to interior decorations. Look for pieces with strong, well-structured lines made out of essential menswear fabrics like tweed, wool and leather.

Clean, muted, simple colors like blacks, grays, tans and whites are the key to creating a menswear inspired look for your house. Don’t assume you have to create a room totally void of color though, small pops of color work really well with manly furniture, just like a colorful or patterned tie works with a plain colored suit.

Oh the mad men of Mad Men, they sure know how to dress. Photo Credit

Menswear inspired furniture can create a totally chic, simple room design. So next time you put on a suit and feel way too dressy for your own furniture, don’t hesitate to add a little menswear style to your house. Because people aren’t the only things that deserve to get “suited up,” nothing suits a living room better then a little bit of menswear.

Keep living fashionably guys and let your style shine through your clothes and your homes.


If you can’t wear it, decorate with it

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Ahh the unattainable fashion dream: having enough money and gumption to not only afford, but actually pull off a look straight from the runway. Designers effortlessly put together different fabrics, textures and colors in one outfit that inevitably looks amazing on an unbelievably tall and thin model.

Photo Credit

Take this look from the Alice + Olivia Fall 2011 show for example, the combination of a bright orange tweed-inspired fabric, sequins and faux fur looks smashing on a beautiful glamazon, but the outfit isn’t exactly practical for trekking through wind and snow across our brick covered campus. It is however, a beautiful display of the way colors and textures can be used in new, exciting ways.

And while right now I can only dream of being able to afford this eye-catching designer look, it can serve as the perfect inspiration for a fun new approach to interior design. Whether you live in a small, single dorm room or share a house or apartment with a group of friends, taking cues from fashion can open up a whole slew of opportunities for innovative home décor.

Translating this look from something you would wear out on the town to something that can decorate an entire room, lies in the use of color and texture.

Oranges, reds and yellows are rarely combined with dark gray, but doing so creates an aesthetically pleasing and surprising palate. Adding sequins and faux fur into the mix really ties the room together (yes, Big Lebowski reference intended).

If you can't wear it, decorate with it

Adding a few key pieces to any room inspired by a high fashion outfit can take your home straight to the best dressed list. Pretty soon, your outfits won’t be the only thing getting fashion compliments.

Don’t be afraid to dress up your home decor.


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